Here are the list of the categories and example of records that are accepted for application


  • Brunei’s biggest flowerhorn
  • Longest tail on a domestic cat
  • The most hoops jumped by a cat in 1 minute
  • Fast time to pop 100 balloons by a dog

Arts and Crafts

  • Longest chalk pavement art
  • Most expensive art sold in Brunei
  • Most number of people colouring simultaneously
  • Most number of paper cranes made in 30 minutes


  • Largest collection of fridge magnets
  • Largest collection of comic books
  • Largest collection of stamps
  • Oldest coin collection

Fashion & Makeup

  • Largest makeup application lesson
  • Longest wedding dress train
  • Fastest application of full-face makeup
  • Most number of shawls worn in 1 minute

Food & Drinks

  • Fastest time to peel oranges blindfolded
  • Most layers in a sandwich
  • Heaviest papaya
  • Most number of kueh Malaya made in 10 minutes


  • Largest e-sports event
  • Most of number of games played in 5 minutes
  • Fastest game of Uno
  • Fastest time to solve 3 Rubik’s cubes

Human Body

  • Longest eyelashes
  • Tallest Man/Woman
  • Strongest Man/Woman
  • Largest Feet on a Man/Woman


  • Largest Kindergarten Class
  • The biggest art class
  • The oldest after school club
  • The biggest phonics class


  • Oldest coin
  • Oldest bill
  • Largest coin pyramid
  • Oldest ATM


  • First night marathon
  • Biggest cycling marathon
  • Oldest participant
  • Most marathons by one person


  • Biggest sport association
  • Most people performing Tai Chi simultaneously
  • Fastest tennis match
  • Longest hiking trail


  • Fastest 100m run
  • Fastest 100m swim
  • Fastest time to finish a workout circuit
  • Fastest time to type a passage