The Brunei Book of Records | Categories
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We inspire individuals, families, schools, teams, groups, companies and communities to participate in record breaking attempts. We don’t define success in a conventional or limited way and call into play the entire range of superlatives so people can realise their potential.

Solo Activity

This includes a single person who wants to apply for a record.


Duo Activity

This includes a single person who wants to apply for a record.


Group Activity

This includes a group (3 to 100 people) that wants to apply for a record.


Mass Activity

This includes a big group(more than 100 people) that wants to apply for a record.


Company/Organisation Activity

This includes a company, organisation or an association that wants to apply for a record.


Honorary Achievement

This is rewarded to those with exceptional achievements and contributions.

All record attempts must follow the rules and criteria stated below:


The record must be measurable: Fastest, strongest, tallest, etc.


The record must be breakable: Can the record be broken or repeated by someone else? All our record titles must be open to being challenged.


The record must be verifiable: Can the claim be proven? For example, a claim such as ‘the man who never drank water’, can never be verified unless the man spent his whole life from birth under surveillance by a witness.


The record must be substantially different from a current record: If your record suggestion is similar to something we already have, we will ask you to break the current record rather than approving a variation of the same title.


We do not accept applications based on subjective measures for example: beauty, kindness, loyalty, etc.


Other activities that are not records include those which are not sufficiently challenging, those which are too specific to a single person or anything that is unbreakable.


We do not endorse unlawful or unsuitable activities or those which could cause potential harm or danger to participants, spectators and animals.


Those under the age of 18 who wish to attempt or hold records must do so with a guardian present.